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The Benefits Of Visionary Craniosacral Therapy

Do you suffer from migraines, headaches, chronic neck and back pain, TMJ, chronic fatigue, PTSD, fibromyalgia, stress, tension or auto-immune disorders?  Then, we invite you to see for yourself how Visionary Craniosacral Therapy can help you regain your vitality and well-being.


What is Visionary Craniosacral Therapy?

Our craniosacral system includes the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid, the system of membranes inside the cranium, all 22 cranial bones, the spine and the sacrum.

A visionary is someone who has the ability to look at a personal holistically, which means deeply understanding the interconnection and dynamic between the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of a person.

Visionary Craniosacral Therapy looks at the following 4 aspects of a person in equal importance.

First, they can perceive the entirety of a person’s anatomy and physiology.

Second, they can perceive the parts of their anatomy and physiology, and notice which parts are in disharmony with the whole.

Third, they can perceive a persons inner spiritual journey, emotional state and energy level, and hold no judgment about what they perceive.

Fourth, they can perceive their own inner spiritual journey, emotional state and energy level, also without judgment.


The Visionary Craniosacral Therapy Session Flow

Visionary Craniosacral Therapy is a soothing, noninvasive, hands-on therapy for anyone from newborns to the elderly.

It uses precise, gentle pressure on specific contact points to balance the nervous system and create a state of deep relaxation.

Depending on your specific needs, a craniosacral practitioner may focus on optimizing the position, fluid movement and energy of the various parts of the craniosacral system; bringing that system back to balance. Or they may focus on following these areas of imbalance into the body to the original source of dysfunction; inviting the body to self-correct, and return to optimal health and function.


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We invite you to book a Visionary Craniosacral Therapy session with Tammy and discover how amazing you can feel after only one session.



$150  –  1.5 hours  |  $185  –  2 hours