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Valentine’s Day Gifts To Make Your Lady Swoon

Tara just hand-picked gorgeous new jewelry pieces for the boutique, so come in and shop for your lady love’s Valentine’s Day gift and get the pick of the bunch!

Our range of necklaces, rings and bracelets start at $24.


Get To Know The Artists

Domino Ann Jewelry

Domonique is a local Leucadia artisan, who loves creating beautiful and affordable jewelry.  Her jewelry line includes many sacred symbols and shapes from different cultures around the globe.


Bobo Jewelry Designs

Bobo offers a wide range of rings and necklaces that use unique shapes, Herkimer Diamonds, gemstones and crystals.  The Herkimer Diamond Rings help the wearer attune and open to higher spiritual levels, clear blocked Chakra channels, and assists in dream work.


Janet Huntley Designs

Janet Huntley is a local jewelry artist.  Each design is handmade using semi-precious stones, crystals, sterling silver, 24K gold filled and Vermeil [18K Gold over sterling silver]


lily lambert jewesry at lemongrass salon and spa

Lily Lambert Sacred Jewelry

Lily Lambert is a Southern California artist that creates high vibrational jewelry that looks beautiful + feels amazing to wear.  Hand-beaded using specific sacred geometry patterns + designs ensures each piece is infused with the power,  energy and wisdom of DIVINE intelligence. We invite you to try a piece on and see how it FEELS!


Pick Out The Piece She’ll Love

Shop the boutique and see these gems up close.  One of our team would be happy to model any piece for you, so you can get a feel for what it will look like on your amore.

Until then, create a great day!


Not Sure Which To Choose

Give her a gift card and let her pick the perfect piece out herself.  You can buy one on-line here.