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Summer is officially here! So… now it’s a good time to remind you to use sunscreen every day. Right? Right.

SPF can be confusing. Should you use SPF 20 or SPF 30 or something higher? So, we put together some quick tips to help demystify sunscreen and its use…

1. Dermatologists recommend using a half teaspoon of sunscreen on your face alone and shot glass full of sunscreen on your entire body.
2. All sunscreen, regardless if it’s SPF 10, 30 or 50, should be reapplied every 2 hours.
3. You also want to look for a sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays, basically the long and short rays of the sun.
4. Most experts agree sunscreen found in your face foundation alone is not enough. Consider sunscreen in your makeup a BONUS layer. You should still be applying SPF after you moisturize and before you apply foundation.

We carry quite a few sunscreen options in the Lemongrass boutique. As well as formulations for oily, normal and dry skin… including moisturizer, tinted sunscreen and organic blends with SPF.

We encourage you to enjoy all of the amazing outdoor activities that San Diego has to offer, while protecting your skin the right way.

To your health and wellbeing!