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Spring Equinox Ritual

New Moon in Aries

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox is a time for reflection and a time to set intentions, under the influence of the potent, shifting seasonal energy of spring. This is a time to look back and honor what you have been composting in winter’s fallow time as well as a time to nourish what you began to incubate. Winter, though more subtle in its energetic presentation, offers us the rest and fuel needed to feed the new birth seen in spring. This day, is where we find balance and transition from darkness into days of ever-more light, we can hold both the richness of the lessons from our past and the potential of our future in each hand.



  • Create Sacred Space by creating a simple altar with fresh flowers and any symbols that represent new life and new growth – seeds, crystal eggs, images of baby animals. Maybe even an image of Eostre, the Norse goddess of Spring. Light a candle to symbolize the sun as we enter warmer weather as well as some Palo Santo to bless your ritual. If weather permits, try doing this outside; otherwise bring as much nature as you can into your indoor sacred space
  • Place a bowl of moist, rich soil on your altar, along with a little paper cup and some seeds you’d like to plant.
  • As you settle into your body, imagine that you’re “planting” yourself where you’re seated, and begin to slowly extend your “roots” into the depths, into the darkness, returning to the seed from which you were born and which, as women and men, we always carry within. As your roots take hold deep in the earth, continue to draw your energy deep into your own being. Breathe deeply, creating a place of potency, power, and potential. You are deep in the womb of Mother Earth now. Feel her presence as you reflect on the issues and areas of your life that you want to transform and bring to light.

What commitments to new growth and possibility do you want to make right now? What positive seeds of hope, connection, purpose, and re-alignment do you want to plant?

  • Staying in a meditative place, breathe deeply to come back fully into your body, and gently begin to plant some of the seeds in your little cup with the soil that has been imbued with Equinox energy.
  • Begin to feel the first sprouts of your seed intention peek up through the rich soil of your heart, knowing that you will continue to nurture it through the spring tide.



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This ritual is from Deborah Roth, with the Wellness Universe, Seasonal Rituals: A Spring Equinox Ritual to Plant Intentions for New Growth and Balance. This ritual has been slightly edited for flow purposes.