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The ancient art of Sugaring dates back to the Egyptians and is the most gentle, natural and long-lasting treatment to eliminate unwanted hair from all areas of the body for men and women.

It’s an exceptional option for all skin types, hair textures, and skin sensitivities.

Using only 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients Sugaring not only exfoliates the dead skin cells but removes hair in its natural direction of hair growth eliminating breakage and in-grown hairs.  This makes it possible to remove hair as short as 1/8 inch when sugaring frequently.

This process is never hot, completely sanitary and starts to eliminate the hair follicle with frequent treatments leaving you smooth and hair-free, naturally.



Can I sugar, if I’m using Accutane?  No, you can’t.  Accutane affects the whole body causing severe dryness.  It’s advised to wait at least 6 months after discontinuing use, before you Sugar.

What if I’m using Retin A or Renova?  These products cause thinking and shredding of the skin.  It’s recommended that you wait after the initial shedding process has ended, which is about 25 days.

How long does my hair need to be?  Hair can be as short as 1/8 inch, which is typically just a few days of growth for most people.

How often do I sugar?  Sugaring can remove very short hair, in what is called the antigen stage.  The hair follicle is depleted after time, resulting in your treatments being further apart.  Typically every 3-6 weeks, but it varies from person to person.

Can I sugar if I’m pregnant?  Yes!  There are no toxic chemicals that can enter your bloodstream.

How Does Sugaring Compare To Waxing

Pure and Natural Ingredients – The sugar is made from organic ingredients, sugar, lemon, and water.  So pure you can even eat it, which makes it safe for the most sensitive skin.

Sanitary –  Hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, Sugar paste is applied with a gloved hand and a fresh ball of sugar paste is used on each client, meaning no risk of cross-contamination.  Sugar will not stick to live skin cells.  Only dead skin cells are removed, so there is no risk of abrasion or tearing.

Not Hot – Sugar paste is lukewarm when it is applied, so there is no risk of burning the skin.

Less Pain – Sugar paste is applied against the direction of the hair growth then removed in the natural direction of hair growth, resulting in less painful hair removal and reduced hair breakage.

Gentle – Sugaring is so gentle it can remove the vellus hair on the face of some women and is safe for clients with sensitivities, exceed and psoriasis.

Lemongrass Summer Sugaring Special

To help keep your summer skin silky smooth, we have a special promotion – now through September 30th – that allows you to get $10 off any bikini waxing or sugaring service.  Call the front desk and make your appointment today.