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Are You In The Mood For LOVE?

Oh, the sweet vibe of Valentine’s Day is almost here and we have a few ideas on how you can set a romantic mood using essential oils that will surprise and delight your partner.


Here are 6 of our favorites aphrodisiac essential oils to use this Valentine’s day…


Deliciously juicy and refreshingly sweet, Sweet Orange is a staple aromatherapy oil for creating a bright, uplifting and invigorating ambiance.   [NOT for use in bath or on skin]



Ylang-Ylang complete is alluring, sweet, and intoxicatingly feminine.  It raises the spirit and opens the heart to euphoric sensual moods.



One of the most recognized and evocative of essences, this is a warm and exceptionally fragrant cinnamon oil that reminds people of home and hearth.  [NOT for use in bath or on skin]



Vetiver is “The fragrance of the soil”.  The roots of the grass produce a rich, sensuous golden oil that is deeply relaxing and grounding.



Its sweet, floral and spicy aroma creates a peaceful and serene outlook.



Vanilla contributes generously to love potions and perfumes. This absolute is gloriously sensual, exotic and luscious.


Fun Ways To Use Essential Oils To Create A Romantic Mood


Simple, yet highly effective at adding just the right aroma in the right place.  Place 4-6 drops of Ylang-Ylang, Sweet Orange, Vanilla or Vetiver in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together together and then smooth over your sheets and pillows.  The linens will hold the aroma and be a sweet smelling surprise when you go to bed.



A few drops of Vanilla or Ylang-Ylang behind the ear turns you into dessert at the end of the night.



A small amount of essential oil has a big impact if it is diffused in the air we breathe.  Set the mood in your home by placing a few drops of essential oil in your diffuser to set a romantic mood.   If you don’t have a diffuser, we have some at Lemongrass you can purchase.

If you don’t have a diffuser, you can place fresh water into a glass bottle, add 8-10 drops of essential oil and then spray around the room for a quick and easy aroma blast.



Direct inhalation of a sensual essential oil is a fun and easy way to get in the mood and can be done just about anywhere.

Simply open a bottle of essential oil, place it below your nose and inhale deeply.  For palm inhalation, add a drop or two of your favorite skin friendly essential oils to the palms, cup the palms around the face and inhale deeply.



An unexpected treat for yourself or lover, aromatic baths are a luxurious way to relax, pamper the skin or to simply feel better.

One of the main concepts to understand around the safe and appropriate use of essential oils is that they are extremely concentrated and always need to be diluted down. For example, raw honey, goat milk (or nut milk), and sea salt are all great healing agents that effectively dilute essential oils before they are added to a bath.

A generally safe dose is 5 – 10 drops of essential oils, mixed with 1/2 to 1 cup of salt or emulsifier.

Caution: overuse of essential oils in the bath can cause irritation Use only mild, non-irritating oils for bath, such as lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil and clary sage essential oil.



If you’re feeling adventurous, try using essential oils for couples massage.  Here are the guidelines to have fun and be safe.

Pure essential oils are about 70 times more concentrated than the whole plant, which is why we recommend diluting essential oils before applying them to the skin.

Dilutions are typically:

2% – 10% For adults

2 5% dilution is recommended for most purposes

For children under 12, 1% is generally safe

Essential Oil To Carrier Blend:

1% blend = 6 drops essential oil per oz carrier oil

2% blend = 12 drops essential oil per oz carrier oil

2 5% blend= 15 drops essential oil per oz carrier oil

3% blend = 18 drops essential oil per oz carrier oil

5% blend = 30 drops essential oil per oz carrier oil


Instock In The Boutique

We hope this helped you see how you can use essential oils to create a romantic mood this Valentine’s Day and surprise your lover.  We have each of these essential oils still in stock, so stop by Lemongrass, take your pick and make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Be safe and enjoy!



Floracopeia provides a high quality – reasonably priced line of botanicals including essential oils, which we carry in the boutique.

There are a wide variety of great carrier oils to choose from: jojoba, marula, baobab and tamanu are all nourishing oils that have a long shelf life.  Rosehip and almond are also wonderful nourishing oils that require refrigeration to preserve them.  We don’t carry the carrier oils in the boutique,  but Floracopeia has a wonderful selection here for you to purchase on-line.