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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio


This ritual is meant to quiet the mind and allow you to sit with yourself in self-reflection on what deep-seated roots might be holding you back, and which ones are asking to be tended to so that you may hold a strong foundation with them. Our roots can be viewed as the beliefs on which we build our lives, connect to our environment, and utilize its resources. 



You will need a journal and a pen to write down anything that came through to you during this ritual so you may go back to it as a reminder. Take a moment to read through each of the questions listed below and take inventory of your answers.


  •  Where is deep nourishment needed in your life?
  • Are there any roots being exposed that may be asking for something from you? 
  • Any roots that have served their purpose in protecting you that are no longer needed?


It can be hard to let go of old belief systems or patterns that helped us in some way to get where we are now. Just as in nature, parts of ourselves must be cleared away to make room for new ways to grow.

  • Do you see any roots that need tending to?


  • What routines or things can you do that help you stay in alignment with where you want to go?


These can be some really heavy-hitting questions to ask yourself but what comes to us on the other side of this hard work, is an expansion in all areas of our lives. Building a strong foundation and tending to the roots below it gives us the security and stability to be able to step into the energy of living to our highest potential.


Close your eyes and envision being pulled deep into the earth, being shown the root system that is connected to you, and begin to meditate on what you have just inquired about…


Know that Divine energy is here to support you!


 .   .   .   .