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Cisca, our resident stone keeper, always has an insightful take on the power and use of the gemstones and crystals we carry in the garden boutique.  Here’s what she has to say about Purple Angelite.

Purple Angelite

These beauties are Purple Angelite, the gemstone of healing for the Spiritual Self.

Angelite is considered the greatest healer of the mineral kingdom and also helps to balance Chakras 4, 7 and Chakras above the etheric plane.

How To Use

To get all the juju out of your piece, it’s helpful to hold it while focusing on your relationship with either your higher self, your soul or any spiritual guides you acknowledge to assist you in discovering answers to the questions you seek.

The most helpful areas of the body to bring your attention to is the heart, crown and etheric chakras.  Notice if you are holding any tightness in those areas and if so, breathe deeply and on the exhale imagine all feelings of resistance melting away.

And, if those benefits weren’t enough, it also enhances the healing of your spiritual heart and assists in opening and deepening your relationship to nature and nature spirits.  That must be why we haven’t seen any fairies throughout the gardens, but we can certainly feel them.

Stop and Shop

We have a couple of the Purple Angelite left, so stop by and see which one would make the perfect addition to your gemstone collection.  And, for an added bonus, peek in over the weekend and you’ll find Cisca, who is always happy to share her vast knowledge or help you pick out the perfect stone or crystal for your unique needs and desires.

Until then, create a GREAT day!