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Sarah Martin, Massage Therapist Lemongrass Aveda Salon and Spa Encinitas


Massage Therapist


Having had to overcome my fair share of health issues and traumas led me to my work in the world. For the past 20 years my studies have focused on: a combination of physical therapy, biomechanics, bodywork, massage, injury treatment & prevention, hands on disease & illness healing, energy medicine, spiritual connection and psychic abilities. I love broadening my ability to reach and help others with what matters to them most. I’m here to help provide a deeper connection to self, health and source. I love treating people to the most personalized and nurturing experience possible.


Deeply relaxing and personalized massage specific to body and stress type
Body balancing & neuro-kinetic therapy combined with with bodywork
Hands on energy medicine healing for injury – which includes chakra attunement
Emotional clearing (trauma and trigger release) combined with bodywork
Headache & Migraine Healing & Release
Menstrual Cramp Healing & Release

You are free, you are powerful, you are good, you are love, you have value, you have a purpose. All is well. – Abraham Hicks