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Christina Werthe, Massage Therapist Lemongrass


My personal journey to healing led me to pursue a career in health and wellness. I began receiving massage over two decades ago. I’ve been licensed and practicing for 12 years now. I am also licensed and trained in acupuncture and cranio sacral therapy and have been practicing 10 years. I found combining these two is quite the energetic symphony as the body can access and release stored blocks of emotions and energy tucked away yet, not forgotten by the body.


My hands are my gift. They are strong, yet soft. Confident, yet respectful and honor your tissues. I love to make a difference, and nothing pleases me more than after the session the client notices a change. Not only the calm that permeates their being, but the release and increase in range of motion and mobility. I invite breath work into the session to help facilitate deeper connection to the body and breath. I love working at Lemongrass in the tranquil and serene environment incorporating Aveda chakra oils and sprays in the sessions. I look forward to working with you.