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He has a passion and gift for precision haircutting. As an Indigenous Stylist he’s interested in the whole person and that’s why he calls him self a holistic precision hair stylist. He’s deeply committed to his connection with the earth, nature, relationships and living a healthy lifestyle that includes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and this is also something he loves to share with his guests. It’s an experience!


Typically he’ll book 1.5 hours for a women’s haircut and an hour for men’s / short hair. Here’s a few other fun facts about James and his hair history. He’s had extensive training to then become an educator utilizing his training roots that are Vidal Sassoon and SR Education (from former Sassoon creative director Sally Rogerson). He has a certificate in SR educator training and a certificate in creative cutting from the Vidal Sassoon Academy along with experience from many other impressive mentors with technical and ground breaking creativity. It lead him to mentor a new generation of Haircutting in the industry through intimate 1on1 personal trainings and informative platform show cutting on stage. He continues to invest in his training and teaching in multiple disciplines to date.