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Certified Massage Therapist


Growing up in Canada, my days were spent on a hockey rink having fun.  All that fun led to the potential of playing at the highest level possible as a kid. My primary goal became obtaining a position in the OHL– Ontario Hockey League, with little thought given to proper care, maintenance, rest and relaxation.

On the path to the ultimate goal of playing in the NHL, my primary focus was performance and pushing my body to the next level. What I didn’t plan on was the deterioration of my body as a result of the demanding training schedules, long seasons and extensive travel. After four successful years in the minor leagues, and playing 100% full out to achieve my ultimate goal of playing in the NHL, I suffered my first injury. This created a downward spiral of trying to heal while continuing to play at a high level. Not understanding the importance of taking the adequate time to rest and recover, and allowing body to heal, led to further injury and finally forced my retirement from hockey.


The process of healing my own body over the last 16 years, I’ve learned that in order to perform at your highest level, your body needs adequate time to regenerate after strenuous training.  My speciality is sports massage therapy for those looking to reach their highest  potential.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.  Benjamin Franklin