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This creamy, soft pink stone is jam packed with LOVE, just looking at it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling!.

Known to help sooth the physical and emotional bodies, Tumbled Pink Calcite (also known as mangano calcite) is a stunning soft opaque pink stone that comes from Peru.

It is a stone of peace, divine love and well-being.

Pink Calcite is linked with the 4th Chakra, and connects one to Divine Love and activates the heart to the fullness of All-That-Is. It infuses any area with a loving energy that is calming and supportive, especially in healing rooms, hospitals and for therapist practitioners.

This beautifully calming stone has powerful energy that clears and soothes the emotional body, and stimulates a gentle release of hidden grief or anger. It is a stone of forgiveness, and propellers the heart into a state of constant appreciation and well-being.