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New Moon in Capricorn
Astrology Forecast


The New Year and New Moon arrive on January 2nd, 2022 (01-02-2022) at 12 degrees Capricorn with the breath of fresh air we’ve been craving. 

2021 has had 2020 vibes and finally, we are gaining traction on moving on from old patterns, habits, relationship dynamics we’ve outgrown, and right out of the gate we are in the midst of Venus retrograde also in Capricorn. Tucked in nicely between the three’s company; Pluto regulates and transforms on the other side as the others get closer to alignment while being purified at the same time. 

Along comes Jupiter arriving into dreamy Pisces helping us imagine what it would be like to turn our dreams into reality and giving us that sense of awe like a child again. 

With the blending of the energies and the territory of the New Moon for planting new seeds, why not allow the depth of the water element of Pisces to nourish all the earthy seeds of Capricorn to create the ideal playground.

What new dream seeds are you planting this new year and new moon?

Sophia Taylor | Grounded in the Clouds Astrology

Check back with us for the Full Moon in Cancer astrological update coming on January 17th!

Until then, enjoy the energy of the New Moon and plant those seeds!