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We are so proud of our boss lady and tribe leader Tara Teipel, on the successful launch of her new My Spiritual Ritual line. The culmination of 25 years of traveling, soul searching and spiritual seeking, Tara created My Spiritual Ritual, as an easy way to integrate daily spiritual practice into our busy modern lives. If you have been following us here at Lemongrass you have surely seen the beautiful Love Spiritual Ritual kits, crafted with intention and heart! The kit which includes the delicious Love anointing oil, Selenite tealight holder, Palo Santo stick, Rose Quartz Heart and Love Invocation Book are available online and at Lemongrass Center.



This past week Tara was thrilled to have been featured on friend and fellow holistic community leader Christa Orecchio’s wellness blog and site, The Whole Journey. Christa is a nutritionist and holistic guru who advocates healing our bodies from the inside focusing on food as the medicine! We urge you to poke around Christa’s site and also check all her wisdom on diet and healing. Check out Christa and Tara’s clip where they discuss how healing is an “inside job,” and why wellness is a culmination of mental, spiritual and physical healing! Here, Tara takes us through the journey of creating My Spiritual Ritual and how we can easily integrate this practice into our daily schedule.



The revolution has begun and this is only just the beginning! Starting October 18th, we will be offering a second round of the, 4-Week Immersion in Self-Love. Our first immersion group which will be wrapping up September 6th, has gone better than even expected so back by popular demand we are beyond excited for round two! The group will be focused around the use of the ritual kits but take the daily practice and conversation to a deeper level. The four weekly sessions will focus on different components of daily ritual and self-love:


Week 1 | The Love Spiritual Ritual Journey | October 18th, 2018


Week 2 | Because of Love | October 25th, 2018


Week 3 | Sacred Space | November 1, 2018


Week 4 | Sacred Ritual as a Lifestyle | November 8, 2018


You can reseverve your space here, if you are being called don’t wait as spots are limited!


To put it simply, when we start our day with intention we feel better, love better, work better and show up for ourselves and our community in our full power and potential. We are feeling so invigorated and blessed to be a part of this amazing new experience! We hope that you give yourself this gift of daily ritual! You deserve it!