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Lemongrass Massage


What To Expect From A Lemongrass Massage

We specialize in a holistic approach to massage and body care – which means that our team of massage practitioners take into account each guests emotional and spiritual well being, as well as any physical discomfort occurring in the body.  This ensures that each massage is a customized experience that address the specific needs and desires of each guest.

All of our 1.5 hour massages and specialty massages begin with a calming foot scrub and massage before transitioning into your full treatment.

We offer a sacred environment where gratuity is appreciated and use a holistic approach to hair, skin, and body care to provide a high quality multi-sensory experience that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit.  When leaving a gratuity, we are only able to accept cash or Venmo at this time.


Enjoy the healing benefits of a Lemongrass massage, when you allow yourself to de-stress with any of our most popular massage experiences.

Lemongrass Customized Massage

$175  –  1.5 hours  |  $210  –  2 hours

Lemongrass Customized Massages are based on your specific needs and aroma choice. Each of our massage therapists use a wide variety of massage modalities to increase circulation, release muscle tension, eliminate toxins, and reduce stress.


Deep Tissue Massage

$190  –  1.5 hours  |  $225  –  2 hours

Our Deep Tissue Massage is ideal, if you prefer firmer methods to release tight muscles, relieve tension and stiffness, and improve blood circulation.


Pure Focus Massage

$135 –  1 hour  [deep tissue add $15]

The Pure Focus Massage is perfect when you are short on time, but need some real relief in areas where your body holds the most stress and tension.


Rejuvenation Fusion

$250  –  2 hours

This 2-hour retreat is our most loved signature spa service. Our Rejuvenation Fusion package helps you relax from head to toe – starting with a Lemongrass customized massage and is followed by a Lemongrass customized facial. Pure Bliss!


Prenatal Massage

$175   –  1.5 hours

A Prenatal Massage focuses on relieving soreness, tension, and discomfort unique to expectant mothers.  We take into account how many weeks along you are in your pregnancy and tailor the massage to address your specific needs at the time. Please let us know how many weeks along you are in your pregnancy when booking.




Our specialty massages are steeped in ancient healing massage traditions and take your massage experience to a whole new level.


Hot Stone Massage

$185  –  1.5 hours

This full body therapeutic massage combines Aveda essential oils and heated basalt stones to warm and sooth sore muscles, increase circulation, and release chronic patterns of tension.  Additionally, the art of hot stone placement is used throughout the massage to energetically balance the body and mind.  It’s the ultimate in relaxation.

Body Scrub Massage

$185  –  1.5 hours

A Body Scrub Massage offers you the benefit of an all over –  head to toe – body exfoliation while enjoying the relaxing therapeutic results from a Lemongrass customized massage . We use a sustainably harvested lemon blossom sugar, warm towel compresses to melt away tension and massage to create a revitalizing massage experience. This sugar scrub gently exfoliates and stimulates skin cell regeneration and replenishes with the skin-essential nutrients found in cold-pressed macadamia oil, sourced from sustainably grown trees in Australia. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.