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Dear Lemongrass Community


It is with utmost gratitude and joy that we share with you the latest evolution of Lemongrass. Our season of gratitude is extra special this year as we enter our 17th year of business here in Encinitas.


Those who have grown with us over the years have experienced the beauty of where we have come from, along with the excitement of what the future has to offer. Embodying an entrepreneurial spirit myself, I’ve attracted a like-minded, driven tribe and will be moving into a co-creative space of independent hair business owners within the current space you all know so well. You may be wondering what this experience is like from a guest perspective. Please allow me to paint the picture!


To further clarify, our salon service providers will be transitioning to being sole proprietors (independent business owners) by spring of this year. We currently have 6 stylists who are piloting this change and paving the way for others who will follow suit very soon. This means you will directly book hair services with your stylist and settle with them directly when you have received a hair service. You will see our website change soon to reflect these subtle shifts in the way we provide for all our wonderful patrons.


Lemongrass will continually have concierge services and scheduling spa services or purchasing retail will remain the same.


In closing, the vision as a co-creative team is that we remain connected and continue to serve our community with respect, love and gratitude always. Our talents and passion to make a difference in the world would be un-tethered without all of you. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Yours in service,
Tara Tiepel on behalf of the Lemongrass Co-Creative Team