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Heart Connecting Ritual



Aquarius rules groups of people so expect themes around finding your tribe. connecting with others and sharing ideas. Any intentions related to matters of Aquarius set during this New Moon get an extra boost. The New Moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to connect deeply with your heart and your intentions, then to take that love and share it with others.



1. Find a quiet space in nature, within your home, or anywhere you like to meditate. take a moment to set up any crystals, candles, or smudging tools you’d like to use to make create a sacred space. You may also incorporate pillows and blankets to make it extra comfy.

2. It would be helpful to have a pen and a journal ready to go so you can write down anything that comes through for you.

3. Once settled into this space, take a moment to take a few deep breaths. In through the nose, hold for 4 seconds, out through the mouth, hold for 4 seconds. Repeat this 4 times.

4. As you begin to settle into a relaxed and meditative state, ask Mother Earth to help you release any obstacles that may be interfering with creating and planting new seeds of growth and opportunity.

5. Feel the grounding nature of Mother Earth beginning at your Root chakra, up through the Sacral and Solar Plexus, then up into your Heart Center. Pause here for a moment to honor your Heart’s desire.

What comes through for you?

What seeds of love is your heart calling you to plant?

What things and people can you express gratitude for at this moment?

6. Now connect to the collective energy of the New Moon in Aquarius and pull this desire up through your Throat Chakra, into the Mind’s Eye, and out into the universe to be planted through your Crown.

Take a moment to thank Divine energy for supporting you in following your true Heart’s desire.



A way you can integrate this ritual is to share with others some of the things you love and appreciate about them. Use this flow of energy to tell your loved ones how much their support means to you, tell a stranger you pass by how much their energy radiates positivity, notice the small things in life that create so much magic and express your appreciation for them openly. You never know whose day you might make or end up finding a friend to join your tribe!


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