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We get asked if our products are gluten free a lot.  And the answer is YES!

Below is a wide range of gluten hair and skin care products that are gluten free for you to choose from.


Gluten Free Hair Care Products

Scalp Benefits Shampoo & Conditioner

Color Conserve Shampoo

Dry Remedy Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask

Rosemary Mint Shampoo

Sun Care Hair and Body


Smoothing Fluid

Universal Styling Cream

Brilliant Humectant Pomade and Anti Humectant Pomade

Brilliant Shampoo

Brilliant Hair Spray

Brilliant Emoliant Gloss

Flax Seed Gel

Control Paste

Witch Hazel


Gluten Free Skin Care Products

All Sensitive Moisturizer

Botanical Kinetic Hydrating Lotion


Gluten Free Hair Color

All our Aveda hair color is gluten free.


Stop and Shop

Stop by the boutique to shop or answer any questions about which gluten free product matches your specific hair and skin care needs.