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New Moon in Leo

These simple rituals offer you steps you can take towards being more mindful of spending, feeling abundant, and shifting your mindset around money.

When asked to picture a “abundant lifestyle,” you might see someone who travels the world in first class, enjoys regular massages and other forms of pampering, and purchases everything they want without having to think about their budget. It’s great if some or all of these components make up your idea of abundance. However, true  abundance encompasses much more. Living abundantly involves developing a positive relationship with money, showing it the utmost respect wherever it appears, expressing gratitude for money that enters your life, and being willing to part with it in order to spend it on experiences and other things that will bring you pleasure.

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Money Rituals to help you cultivate an abundant lifestyle


Write your affirmations
Consider your thoughts and feelings around money as well as the energy you emit and absorb when exchanging money. Describe your ideal relationship with money in three affirmations. The piece of paper can be kept in a piggy bank or on your altar.
Practice gratitude
Whenever you pay a bill, remember to be grateful for everything that it has done for you. For instance, your monthly phone cost enables you to stay in touch with loved ones who are located thousands of miles away. Manifest  limitless abundance & prosperity. When you come across a coin or a dollar bill, respect it by taking it and preserving it in a place that serves as a constant reminder of your life’s plenty, such as a small dish, jar, or on your alter. Even though you might not think finding a dime has any significance, it serves as a cosmic reminder that money and wealth are present everywhere.
Donate your coins
Put a bowl where you can gather excess or stray coins on your altar. When the bowl is filled, give the money to a nearby charity or purchase food for a person in need. Witness the impact of paying attention to the little things and gathering them for the greater benefit.
Clean out your wallet
Another method to show that you appreciate and place a healthy value on money is to clean out your wallet. Take some time to remove any outdated receipts and cards from your wallet that you don’t use or want. Sort the money you have in order to enhance the energy of structure around your money. Your wallet serves as the home for your money and any debit or credit cards that you carry with you at all times. Imagine it as your home.
Keep a wallet charm
You can keep a small charm or note in your wallet. Choose something that will always remind you that your needs will always be met. It could be a small crystal or gemstone that you are drawn to like Jade or Pyrite, or it could be anything else that holds meaning for you.
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This ritual is from Natalie MacNeil, Author of The Rituals, Simple practices to Cultivate Well-being, Deepen Relationships, and Discover Your True Purpose.