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Most all of us are feeling the summer heat. It’s not just reflected in the weather but in the topics we see in our news feeds, and in what’s happening in the outer world. We are turning our attention towards conflict, aggression and in some cases out and out anger. A lot of us in community are aware when Mercury the planet of communication, travel and technology goes retro, (btw that is  happening July 26th- August 19th.) But we don’t often talk about Mars retrograde and its corresponding tarot card: The Tower.


The number one piece of advise this month (and sort of an overall theme for this year) is, watch what you say, how you say it and check your anger at the door. Mars represents drive, determination, war and survival. It’s a good time to find a healthy outlet for built up energy or a way to deal with the unexpected chaos that occurs after a major upheaval.


When the Tower card shows up in any reading depending on its location in the spread,  superficial changes to life issues are no longer enough. It’s time to dive deep and look at what isn’t working and make a plan and begin to change it. The imagery depicted on this card reflects a life that is being shaken to it’s core. The worst has happened and now it’s time to rebuild. Structures are breaking apart and there is turmoil. Are you ready to start rebuilding? Now is the time! There is no more hiding, your comfort zone is in shambles and that is beautiful because now there is room for truth, creation, change, awakening and freedom. What will you do with yours?




Would you LOVE to gain more insight and clarity around any topic?

Then, you’d benefit from a Tarot Spread Reading with our in-house Tarot Expert Stacey Westbrook.

A Tarot Spread Reading tells a meaningful story. Together you’ll  review the energies passing through and coming into your life, so you’ll know what you can expect in the days/months/year to come.

Readings help clarify issues, inspire change, provide “ah-ha” moments or be a catalyst for manifestation. Anything is possible during this time of great transformation.




Readings are $90 and are available at Lemongrass by appointment!

Call, text or email Stacey directly to find a time that fits your schedule and book a reading at 760-846-2836 or staceylemongrass@gmail.com




My name is Stacey Westbrook and I have been practicing Tarot for over 10 years.

I believe it is a remarkable tool for change, transformation and insight. It keeps the seeker honest by providing valuable knowledge of the energies surrounding any issue in your life or business.

The cards have the power to see the truth about anything in the present moment, helping you move through it, towards it or around it depending on what’s important to you and the outcome you desire.

I look forward to sitting down with you and seeing what the year ahead looks like for you, your life and your business.