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Your Journey To Radiant Skin Begins Here

A facial is an experience for your skin – it’s a multi step treatment meant to nourish and uplift your skin to be the best it can be.  Facials deliver the best results when used as part of a long term, continuous beauty regime. We recommend getting facials from licensed estheticians, like the ones here at Lemongrass Aveda Salon & Spa.


What To Expect From A Lemongrass Facial

We understand how complex and important the role your skin plays, so we start every facial with a consultation to better understand your unique needs. Steams, lotions and masks are just some of the ways we can help make your skin look and feel better.  We offer a variety of facial options, browse our menu below to choose what’s right for you.



All 1.5 hour facials will include a foot scrub and massage.

Lemongrass Customized Facial

$135 –  1 hour  |  $175  –  1.5 hours

While using advanced flower and plant-based technology (Aveda’s holistic approach), we have created a perfectly customized facial for your individual needs. All facials include: deep pore cleansing with steam, lymphatic and pressure point facial massage, refinement & treatment masks, extractions (if needed) and a scalp, neck, hand and arm massage.

Recommended for dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive and acneic skin.




Proven to perform similar to a 30% glycolic peel, your skin instantly becomes renewed as dull skin cells are diminished, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and skin tone is evened.

Recommend when you want more results from your facial. This peel takes exfoliation to a deeper level without irritation and redness. Not recommended for sensitive prone skin.



Bring instant rest, hydration, and awakening to your eye zone area. Pressure point massage and botanical ingredients, make this soothing treatment a puffiness reducer and dark circle banisher, leaving you looking refreshed.

Recommended when you’re going to a special event or taking photos and you want your eye area to look hydrated and relaxed. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer this can melt away the look of strain and tension.




Rejuvenation Fusion

$250  –  2 hours

This 2-hour retreat is our most loved spa service that helps you relax from head to toe with a Lemongrass customized massage, followed by a customized facial.  Pure Bliss!

Recommended when you feel the desire to take care of any aches and pain in your body and feel that your facial skin also needs some extra love all in one.  It encompasses the best act of self-love that we can offer in a treatment.



Dual Exfoliation Facial

$165  –  1.5 hours

The Dual Exfoliation Treatment is Aveda’s latest advancement in non-invasive, skin renewing treatments. Using innovative techniques, this treatment combines Aveda’s naturally derived mechanical and biochemical exfoliation methods into one effective service that transforms the skin through the process of dual exfoliation. The treatment results in improved skin texture, clarity, and radiance; smoothed appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; and pores.  This facial will leave your skin date night ready and/or radiant for a special event. No extractions, no steam, just beautiful glowing results.

Recommended when your skin feels dull and tired and your serums and moisturizer aren’t absorbing like they should. We suggest receiving this treatment every change of season to keep your skin feeling healthy and fresh.



Back Facial

$140  –  1 hour

We know this hard to reach area tends to get neglected at times. In this customized back treatment we will cleanse, exfoliate, extract (if needed) massage and use masque therapy to make your back look and feel amazing!

Recommended when you have a special event such as a wedding, anytime you’re wearing a dress that reveals your back or when you’ve been on vacation with layers of sunscreen that need to be throughly cleansed.

Our skin is the largest organ of elimination, so sweaty work outs and yoga may bring toxins to the surface to be released and the back facial can support keeping this pathway open.