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Each month Lemongrass hosts a variety of events for the Encinitas community to gather and connect with like-minded individuals. 

Self Care Is The Best Care

We invite you to relax and recharge on a regular basis by taking the time to honor yourself with either a massage, specialty massage or by joining our monthly Lemongrass Wellness Membership program.

Make the benefits of a Lemongrass Customized Massage, Facial, or Reflexology service a regular part of your self-care lifestyle with a Lemongrass Wellness Membership. Sign-up for $134 [$16 savings] a month to enjoy more of the salon and spa experiences you love.



July 24th – Develop Your Intuition Through Soul Painting Workshop with David Lesinski

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NEW MOON Circle 

A New Moon marks the beginning of a fresh start in it’s cycle of waxing and waning. During this time the Moon is empty and receptive and full of potential. This is an ideal time to plant seeds of intentions for what you want to manifest in your life.  Please join Astrologer Shannon Aganza at 7 PM for this magical New Moon Circle event.  



July 23rd in Leo

August 21st in Leo

September 19th in Virgo

October 19th in Libra

November 18th in Scorpio

December 17th in Sagittarius



During the monthly Full Moon Circle event Gigi will talk about the unique Cosmic weather report happening on each of these Full Moons and also reveal how to maximize the energetic potential available for each of the 12 zodiacal signs for all attendees. We invite you to join Astrologer Gigi Cohen at 7 PM for this amazing Full Moon Circle event.


Moon Meanings

All Full Moons remind us to assess, let go, release and cleanse in order to be more present, aware and connected to ourselves.  It’s also a time when we take a look at how to balance the opposite house on the zodiacal wheel, which represents the 12 areas of life.

Lunar Eclipses intensify and emphasize certain things.

The Sun represents what IS – the dynamic energetic presence.

The Moon relates to our “feelings”.




Focus:  Home and Family vs. Career   [Career, responsibilities, reduce, clean out and rebuild]


August 7 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Focus:  Oneness vs. Independence  [Politics, friends, humanitarian concerns, global community, hopes, wishes, dreams]


September 6 in Pisces

Focus:  Daily regimens vs. Spiritual Practices  [Daydreaming, artistic pursuits, imagination, boundaries, addictions, Divine connection]


October 5 in Aries

Focus:  Diplomacy vs. Self interests  [Initiative, pioneering and entrepreneurial endeavors, assertiveness, swiftness, rushing, impatience, anger and thoughtlessness]


November 4 in Taurus

Focus:  Intensity, Release vs. Security  [Possessions, material and financial security, routine, comfort, beauty, stability]


December 3 in Gemini

Focus:  Expansion vs. Presence  [Versatility, conscious mind, duality, data, messenger]



Thursdays 9 AM – 10 AM

Walk-in’s welcome

The Oneness Blessing, aka Deeksha, given through a light touch on the head or through intention, is a sacred energy transfer imitating a neurobiological shift in the brain. This shift calms the parietal lobes and increases activity in the front lobes, an area associated with the experience of living in the NOW. The chattering mind slows down and a natural state of clarity arises, making it easy to solve problems and make decisions.  Many people report feelings of peace, causeless joy, and inner freedom after receiving the Oneness Blessing. There are millions of Deeksha Givers worldwide sharing this sacred gift.