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End-of-the-Year Ritual


New Moon in Capricorn


As we transition from one year to the next, we naturally begin to reflect back on the past 12 months. Many things have transformed, grown, and fallen away, giving us an opportunity to acknowledge all that has happened and clear the way for our intentions for the upcoming new year. This ritual will allow you to celebrate the good things, take note of what you want to let go of, and make space for the new.


The Ritual




Creating Sacred Space

Create Sacred Space by burning a candle or some Palo Santo. You may also choose to lay out crystals you find meaning in. Be creative & set the space however you feel called to. Find a comfortable, quiet spot to sit in meditation & breathe for a minute to come into stillness.


Journal Reflection

Take some time to reflect on this past year. See if you can tune in month-by-month to recall what was happening for you. Identify and write down in a journal or piece of paper one thing from each month that you’d like to celebrate. This can be on the personal or professional front. Nothing is too big or small. Take a moment to reflect back on the qualities you are proud of that helped you ride the wave of the past year and take a moment to journal about them.


Celebrate YOU

Now CELEBRATE & ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF!! For some of you, this may feel challenging, especially when we tend to be our harshest critics. We tend to always feel like we should be doing more, showing up differently, etc. but we do the best with what we have in the present moment, and we deserve the grace, understanding, and patience we give our loved ones when they are being hard on themselves. You’ve worked so hard to come this far and you should be proud of yourself. Give yourself permission to turn your light all the way on!




Journal Reflection

Spend some time reflecting on this past year, month by month, and see if you can recall some events or instances that you’d like to let go of and release. This can be on the personal or professional front. Identify one thing from each month that you wish to release and don’t worry if you don’t have something for every month. Take a moment to journal about whatever stands out to you. See if you can identify one word that represents the quality you want to release. Whatever emotion, action, thought pattern, etc. that you feel is no longer serving your highest purpose.

Take some time to really drop into your heart and see what you’d like to let go of from this past year.




Look at both of your lists (Celebration + Release), and reflect on all that is there.

Now consider how anything on your Release list may have served you in an unexpected way. If you have trouble finding the silver lining in anything on your Release list, don’t fret about it or judge yourself. Give thanks for any ways you may have been unexpectedly served by the things on your Release list. Take a moment to truly tune into the vibration of gratitude.

Keeping with the energy of gratitude, look at your list of Celebrations and give thanks for the qualities in you that you listed. Now, ask yourself: How do I want to show up this next year? Look at your list of qualities, and see which ones you want to take forward with you and what new qualities you want to embody. Write down all of the qualities you want to embody going into this New Year.

Take some time to really drop into your heart space and do not dim your light or judge yourself for anything that might feel “too big” or “too risky” for you.



This is your year to go for it!!





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