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Crystal Portal at Lemongrass Salon

Lemongrass Center Crystal Portal

Take time to honor yourself.

We offer a sacred gratuity opitional environment and use a holistic approach to hair, skin, and body care to provide a high quality multi-sensory experience that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit.  

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We invite you to relax and recharge, at a great monthly rate.  Make the benefits of a Lemongrass Customized Massage, Facial, or Reflexology service a regular part of your self-care lifestyle with a Lemongrass Wellness Membership. Sign-up for $144 [$16 savings] a month to enjoy more of the salon and spa experiences you love.

I Am Love Crystal Portal Experience 

$40  –  40 min  |  $99 – 3 session pre-paid package

We invite you to try our Crystal Portal Experience!

It’s a beautiful, energetic force field designed to amplify healing and create a deep sense of peace and wellbeing throughout your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.


The Crystal Portal Experience

The Crystal Portal Experience is a combination of the Crystal Light Healing Bed coupled with the Amethyst Bio-mat. This experience uses Brazilian clear Vogel Cut Quartz Crystals with alternating colored light beams that radiate through seven very pure quartz crystals. Each of the seven crystals is focused at one of the seven corresponding Chakras (also known as an “energy center”) to generate color and light therapy in order to cleanse, clear, balance, and raise the vibration of your chakras. The bed also incorporates an Amethyst Bio-mat which helps by warming up the muscles for deeper relaxation and uses infrared rays to regenerate/repair cells, detoxify, and reduces inflammation in the body.


The Intention behind The Crystal Portal

The intent of this remarkable Lemongrass experience is to use bio-pulse sound + an amethyst bio mat + aroma + gemstones + crystals to amplify the healing ability of the environment and give you the opportunity to reach a deep state of relaxation, peace, and well-being.


*Wellness Members receive one complimentary session per month.