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Schools out, summer’s in full swing and your options are plentiful when we pull The Fool Card in a reading.

The Fool is all about spontaneity. It is not tied to schedules, routine, or monotony. The energy of The Fool finds joy in the discovery of walking his/her own path. This card is associated with Uranus the planet of technology, discovery, and innovation.

When the fool appears the focus is on the journey itself. It encourages us to find our bliss by marching to the beat of our own drummer. The Fool is not at all concerned with what other’s think but rather is concerned with being free and joyful.

Are you planning a trip someplace unknown? Have you started to seek spiritual answers to life’s most perplexing questions? Did you enroll in a class or meet up? Are you taking up a new hobby that makes you feel connected and peaceful like music or surfing? All of these actions are in alignment with the energetic Fool. This is not a call to throw away all rational thought. So do what makes sense and what feels good.

Get ready for new adventures and spontaneous activities this July. And as always, follow your heart and enjoy my friends!



Would you LOVE to gain more insight and clarity around any topic?

Then, you’d benefit from a Tarot Spread Reading with our in-house Tarot Expert Stacey Westbrook.

A Tarot Spread Reading tells a meaningful story.   Together you’ll  review the energies passing through and coming into your life, so you’ll know what you can expect in the days/months/year to come.

Readings help clarify issues, inspire change, provide “ah-ha” moments or be a catalyst for manifestation. Anything is possible during this time of great transformation.



Readings are $90 and are available at Lemongrass Tuesday’s 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm; Friday’s 3 pm – 7 pm; Sunday’s 11 am – 3 pm. Other times may be offered to fit your schedule.

Call, text or email Stacey directly to book an appointment for a reading at (760) 846-2836 or staceylemongrass@gmail.com



My name is Stacey Westbrook and I have been practicing Tarot for over 10 years.

I believe it is a remarkable tool for change, transformation and insight. It keeps the seeker honest by providing valuable knowledge of the energies surrounding any issue in your life or business.

The cards have the power to see the truth about anything in the present moment, helping you move through it, towards it or around it depending on what’s important to you and the outcome you desire.

I look forward to sitting down with you and seeing what the year ahead looks like for you, your life and your business.