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Balancing Ritual


New Moon in Libra


This New Moon is in the airy sign of balance, Libra. This transit concerns cooperation, harmony, focus on relationships, artistic pursuits, and releasing all that is imbalanced in our lives.

Finding a sense of balance allows us to deal with life’s issues smoothly and helps us to discover the peaceful neutral point from which clarity can come.

Representing balance, and harmony, Libra energy can be harnessed to restore inner peace. In this ritual, we will combine the fire of Aries (Libra’s opposite), with Libra’s expressive energy to communicate our hopes and wishes for the future.


The Ritual

Light a candle and invite Divine energy in by lighting the tip of a Palo Santo stick or another smudging tool of your choice. This allows you to take a moment to create Sacred Space.

Divide a blank piece of paper into two sides. At the top of one side, write down “Release”, and on the other side, write “Invite”.


Under “Release”, answer the following questions. 

1) What beliefs are limiting your growth?

2) What habits & practices are hindering you?

3) What are you ready to let go of?


Under “Invite”, answer the following questions.

1) What would you like to welcome into your life?

2) Where can you dedicate more of your attention in order to instill a greater sense of balance?

3) What do your body, mind, and soul need in order to feel aligned with your intentions?


Once finished, cut the paper down the middle so you’re left with two, independent sides. Using the candle’s flame, light one corner of the “Release” page and place it in a fire-safe dish to burn (you may flush the ashes away later or put them in the ground outside).

Fold up the “Invite” paper and, while holding it in your hands, close your eyes and imagine a bright light streaming from you into the paper. Hold it to your mouth and lend it some Libra air by blowing on it, as if you were making a wish and blowing out birthday candles.

Now, you may either burn this paper also, or you could tear it up and release it to the wind outdoors, or you could plant it in your garden or in the soil of one of your houseplants to set the intention of growing your desires.

Get creative & feel free to make this ritual your own in any way you feel called to!



New Moon in Libra Intention

“I am in harmony with the Universe. My inner scales are in perfect balance. I see beauty all around me.”

Crystals for Balance & Harmony

Blue Kyanite– for creating balance and alignment within yourself and your environment

Green Jade– for instilling a sense of inner peace and harmony

Lepidolite– for stabilization and calming when things get overwhelming

Rose Quartz– for harmonizing love, beauty, and compassion



Justice Tarot

Tarot Card for Libra

Justice – Native Libras have an intuitive desire to maintain balance and harmony in their personal relationships, and are represented by the Scales to show this quest for balance in all things.

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