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It is Earth Month yet again! At Lemongrass we do our best everyday to choose earth friendly products and methods. That is why we partner with Aveda. Not only are their naturally derived products absolutely amazing and earth friendly, but as a company Aveda’s reach and humanitarian impact is so much larger.

Since 1999, Aveda and it’s passionate network has made an incredible impact around the world with their mission to bring clean accessible water around the planet. To date charity water has be involved with 29,725 projects, across 26 countries, assisting 8.4 million people. Due to the various different conditions and terrains in the countries Charity: Water assists, each accessible water mission looks a bit different, from drilled wells in Ethiopia to biosand filters in Cambodia. Aveda is committed to the goal of making clean water possible for everyone around that world, the most basic of human needs and rights.



Avedas Promise:



It is Avedas promise that 100% of public donations and proceeds go directly to Charity: Water. This years 2019 campaign funds will support projects in India, Nepal, Madagascar, and Ethiopia.




How you can contribute:


This year each sale of the Aveda limited-edition Shampure Hand and Body Wash, will give one person clean water. They are now available for sale at Lemongrass Center for $35. We are also accepting monetary donations which, no matter how large or small help! Please ask one of our lovely front desk members how you can contribute.

You can also visit https://www.charitywater.org to follow projects, learn how you can become further involved and even host your own fundraising project.