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New Moon in Scorpio


The New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse arrives on October 25th at 2 degrees of Scorpio and with it brings a revelation of drastic change ahead.

New moons are about new beginnings and eclipses are about endings; so we get a two-for-one in this powerful combination for maximum effect in blessing and releasing what no longer serves to welcome in the new.

Scorpio is all about the depth of the trenches; death, rebirth, taboos, and shadow work to name a few, and having an eclipse amplifying this creates enough pressure to perform miracles. We are in the dark with a flashlight going over what normally doesn’t see the light of day, creating a new slate for our dream seeds to lay in fresh soil without the past haunting us.

Venus; the planet of love and how you receive love is partnered up with this eclipse creating what we call a cazimi with the Sun all in Scorpio. (potent energy) While this magnetizes the transit we can be sure relationships can be changing in some fashion.

Ending, beginning, reigniting, revealing something that may bring shocking news or shift that immediately causes a change in the atmosphere you can sense. Allowing the decay to break away to be replaced by the new dawn that breaks after the darkest part of the night.

All Hallows’ eve aka Samhain is around the corner opening up this portal and supporting us through this process of death and rebirth as it does each year. With the support of the unseen, we are guided by our ancestors on this journey as we level up. Allowing us to hit the reset button on our karma and begin again with the knowledge of the past and with hope and clarity for the future.

At this time we can either pay the karmic debt and release it or create more karma that will continue to keep us on a hamster wheel we can never get off until we pause and choose to make the change necessary to set our soul free.

What side of the coin will you choose to be on this Eclipse season?

Sophia Taylor | Grounded in the Clouds Astrology


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