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The New Moon arrives on November 23rd at 1 degree Sagittarius and with it brings a warm wave of reminiscence while passing the peace pipe.

The winter has begun to set in as we step into a much-needed Sagittarius season. The mutable fire sign inspires with its thirst for knowledge and socialite skills that everyone is drawn to. Peace treaties have been made in one shape or another and it’s time to allow ourselves to live in the light doing what we love.

Having the New Moon that is about planting the seed in the darkness where they can become full bloom by the Full Moon. The Sun and Moon are partnering up with Venus and Mercury all in a Sagittarius stellium; helping to warm up the air after a series of eclipses that everyone felt in some aspect deeper than the usual moon cycles.

Celebration is near as we begin the Holiday Season in a sign so well known for being the light of the party, everyone will be feeling a bit of a reprieve after the storm.

Relationships may heat up or the desire to share our time more wisely with the ones we love. New love could be on the horizon along with a spark of passion for something with a more creative expression.

Allow room for celebration and to ponder what you desire to do differently this next year. Allow room for creative expression, physical expression, and room for the unexpected to flow in naturally.

What creative expression is flowing in under this New Moon?


Sophia Taylor | Grounded in the Clouds Astrology


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