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New Moon in Pisces

Astrology Forecast


The New Moon arrives on February 19th at 1 degree of Pisces and with it brings in the love of something new.

To usher in Pisces season, we begin with a concentrated Stellium all in Pisces. The Sun, Moon, the higher octave of love Neptune, and the goddess of love herself Venus. This suggests a peace offering filled with unconditional love at the root and can heal a great many wounds if we learn to use our voices in a kind yet just way. New moons are all about the beginning of a new cycle and a new way of living and allowing the gratitude of our hearts to thrive at the same time bury what’s gone.

Saturn is right behind this stellium at 28 degrees of Aquarius along with Mercury also in Aquarius making it seem hard to say what’s in our hearts. Aquarius is all about the higher mind; only when it’s reached its point of Alchemy, can it communicate with the heart. That’s where the individual comes in. We may need to learn to use our voices to be the bridge between the two and help us get out of our own human ways.

What do you wish to create? Or co-create with the universe? Are you focused on what you want? Or what you don’t want? The energy goes where the energy flows, so it’s time to let the waters thaw and speak from the source; our hearts.

All planets are direct and we have them all on our side with the best possible outcomes just within reach. The question is; can you allow the flow to go toward your happiness?

Where can you show unconditional love to yourself or others?

Sophia Taylor | Grounded in the Clouds Astrology


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