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New Moon in Leo

Astrology Forecast


The New Moon arrives on July 28th in the sign of Leo and with it brings the all aboard/Geronimo moment we’ve all been needing.

The New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, next to one another but in the dark; for in the dark is where the magic happens. We are at the beginning of a new adventure that deeply resonates with us after a great deal of shifting ground and moving around to finally arrive.

As the Sun and Moon connect now, Mercury is close by and having a conversation of tension with Mars in Taurus creating a square. This means there could be last-minute information needing to be exchanged about changes or needs we have in the physical we need to be met. Real substance our minds and hearts crave in this new beginning we are off to. Our motivation is most likely kicked in and giving us the energy we need to accomplish our goals at this time.

The North Node and Uranus are conjunct creating shakeups or realizations about what’s working and what’s not. Mars is about to join the conjunction giving us a rush of action-oriented energy. Putting this to good use and re-examining where your focus is so you can funnel this powerful energy into where you create your best life will echo for a time to come.

How are you channeling this powerful creative energy at this time?


Sophia Taylor | Grounded in the Clouds Astrology


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