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New Moon in Cancer

 Astrology Forecast

The New Moon arrives on June 28th at 7 degrees of Cancer and with it brings raw emotion to push us forward into the light and our heart’s purpose in mind. 

This emotional momma bear of this New Moon is squaring Jupiter in warrior ARIES creating some cardinal action-oriented movement forward after the flood gate of emotion clearing the path so we can begin from a more peaceful state of existence.

The moon is also conjunct with Black Moon Lilith which is dark, raw feminine energy that seeks to be seen from our deeper aspects. Initiating transformation and our intuitive abilities heighten and guide us throughout the Cancerian waters. Signaling an emotional release and perhaps feelings of nostalgia take us back to important memories that helped shape our emotional intelligence. 

Spend some time in the water; whether it be a bath or more so recommended the ocean to allow her to wash over the past and release any emotional baggage keeping you from your right to peace of mind, body, and spirit. Allow the dream seeds to be nourished by the healing waters and bring a pearl of life into your reality. 

What dream seeds are you nourishing at this time?


Sophia Taylor | Grounded in the Clouds Astrology


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