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New Moon in Aquarius

Astrology Forecast

The New Moon arrives on January 31st at 12 degrees Aquarius and with it, brings new ideas and new beginnings into reality. It is the moon of germination and it is time to plants those seeds of creation into action. 

Coming from the emotional Full Moon in Cancer last month and with softening of the heart we are now at a more non emotional standpoint and can perhaps see what lies beyond the horizon after the cleansing of the emotional body. 

Now having re-centered ourselves and our priorities, things have become more prevalent and our intuition is aligned more into our reality on what it is we want our experience to be. Who we want in our experience and what we want to be apart of is the question at this point and what have we allowed to be apart of our experience longer than it’s needed to be.

Saturn being aligned with the Sun and moon all in Aquarius is helping us stand in our power and take responsibility for our actions and behaviors. Giving us a more stable and realistic foundation that can and will take us to the next level if we keep our focus as well our boundaries intact. 

Mercury and Venus have both gone direct in Capricorn; while Pluto has been hovering in Capricorn for a great deal of time, transforming everything it touches. This will further help support us in our personal relationships, communication on all levels and how to take a more healthy approach in how we handle our finances. 

It is a time for planning, a time for action and the time to feel free from anything in our pasts and envision our future.

What plans of action are you taking this New Moon?

Sophia Taylor | Grounded in the Clouds Astrology


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