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New Moon in Aquarius


Astrology Forecast


The New Moon arrives on January 21st at 1 degree Aquarius and with it brings a fresh, new perspective on old foundations and beliefs.

Aquarius is the sign of the innovative water barer/the alchemist and has the ability to take something discarded and create something completely new from it. A lot of old beliefs, behaviors, and outdated ways of communicating, & even the ways we are earning money are changing.  We are being rerouted to alchemize new magical pathways that are forming new possibilities in our realities.

The new moon is a time of reflection and planting the seeds for new ways personally and collectively for what we wish to bring in this new cycle; also what we are discarding.

Aquarius is also the sign of the collective so new ways of living together, working together, and processing are in the works. We cannot continue to be overly reactive and expect a new response until we see it within ourselves and change the reaction we have. A healthy amount of detachment is needed, along with compassion for each other in the process of building this new community and connection.

Stepping further into the age of Aquarius has us all turning our worlds around to learn to work together and accept ourselves during the growing process. Instilling boundaries that keep us safe in relating with others, especially in matters of the heart. There may be a need to set some healthy boundaries with loved ones as well as ourselves in allowing love in without judgment. We are all in this life together; isn’t it better to support one another not just during the good times, but also the times of broadening?

Just getting out of Mars Retrograde in Gemini and Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn has us feeling like a shot out to the races in daily life. Plans can start to move forward as well as new agendas getting underway to allow a more methodical less emotional approach to how you respond and utilize the energies surrounding you. Allow yourself to be supported in this time of all planets going direct for the next few months and plan out what you are going to be investing in that creates magic in your life.

What kind of alchemy are you creating this New Moon in Aquarius?

Sophia Taylor | Grounded in the Clouds Astrology


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