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Full Moon in Virgo

Astrological Forecast


The Full Moon arrives on March 7th at 16 degrees of Virgo and with it brings an emission of pure primal energy into play and at our disposal. Full swing into mystical Pisces season and the dreamy qualities we can all get used to and sometimes carried away in gives us a much-needed grounding with the full moon in earthy Virgo.

Ruled by Mercury brings us practical solutions for our lives and how to achieve our dreams that we spend a good deal of time dreaming about. Having mental clarity in the midst of the Neptune-ruled time of year in Pisces has major benefits in making sure we are not diluting ourselves into thinking an unhealthy form of coping or spending time is indeed good for us when it’s sending us down a foggy pathway.

Utilize all of your senses right now and the natural forward planetary flow with all planets direct at this time to get a clearer picture of where you are presently at. Take stock and get organized while we ease into welcoming the spring equinox later in March. If we are ever going to make a change, we have to be willing to make smaller changes that affect everything in our reality.

Saturn will be moving into Pisces on the same day (a new 2-3 year transit) to hold us accountable and will give us an opportunity to see how badly we want to make our dreams come true. If we are willing to put in the effort and have patience and allow the process, we can achieve anything we set our hearts and minds to.

What dreams are you allowing into reality at this time?

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