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Full Moon in Libra


Astrological Forecast


The  Full Moon arrives on April 5th at 16 degrees of Libra and with it brings the shift in consciousness for healthier more balanced relationships.

The Moon symbolizes our subconscious, and our emotional capacity, and the Full Moon represents a completion that starts from within. With Libra ruling relationships, it’s time for us to release any relations or old beliefs instilled from the past that are no longer relevant to our present or future.

Venus the planet of love, beauty, justice, and balance rules Libra and Libra energy is a breath of fresh air; literally symbolizes fresh air. Breathing oxygen into the situation for the greater good in our intimate relationships and even friendships has come to help us to find what the true purpose of each connection means for us.

On a collective level, this Full Moon can bring focus on social justice issues, and parties related to equality and fairness. This is the time to seek harmony and balance in our relationships and to find ways to work together to create a more just and equitable world.

On a personal level, it can bring awareness around where we need to have better boundaries with ourselves and make choices that keep us in harmony with what our heart wants for us; always rooted in love.

As always the opposite of the Full Moon sits is the Sun; now residing comfortably in Aries in his full expression can be admired and embodied at the same time. Aries rules the self, the personality, the warrior King or Queen within us. With Libra representing the scales, this creates harmony between the self and other for a more cohesive experience for everyone involved. When the self is healthy and happy we can then be open for healthier connections that we can blossom in together.

Where are you allowing more balance to come into your life during this Full Moon in Libra?

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