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 Full Moon in Leo


The Full Moon arrives on February 5th at 16 degrees Leo and with it brings the sunshine after a long, grinding storm.

This Full Moon illumination in Leo suggests that we’ve come a long way through a time of exponential growth. It is now time to focus on our own strengths and allow ourselves to be the center of our world. Allow your truths to be shared and your talents to be seen. Allow the past to be done and the present and future to be revealed each step of the way in a fresh new direction.

Moving nicely through Aquarius season we are reminded how we fit in with our peers and get a chance to change or shift our own identity. With the help of the Full Moon in Leo, we are strongly encouraged to think for ourselves and do also what is best for ourselves. We cannot be much help or successful if we are not living our own identities.

We are moving into an action-oriented time with planets direct for the next few months so this is a great time to get ahead in any and every way we seek. Make plans and see if they have a chance to become something from your dream journal you’ve always wanted to do.

Physical activity to warm up the body and to utilize the creative energy that’s flowing from within and around you is encouraged. At the same time, spend time visualizing when your first wake and how you want your day to go while in stillness. Only focus on what you want to bring in; the goals, the feel-good moments, the gratitude. Allow yourself to indulge in what it is that will bring your heart contentment.

Where are you gonna allow yourself to shine at this time?

Sophia Taylor | Grounded in the Clouds Astrology


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