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Full Moon in Cancer

Astrological Forecast

The Full Moon arrives on January 6th at 16 degrees of Cancer and with it brings the embracing of all parts of our nature.

A bit of a thoughtful way to start the new calendar year with an emotional Cancer full lunar expression. This is the home of Cancer, where she feels most seen for her divinity. She is watery and needs a place to allow the rivers to flow; creatively and poignantly. She is the Mother and always reflecting not only truth but the beauty from within and in everyone in an unconditional manner.

Self-love and nurturing are always the remedy for a deep expression of the lunar cycles. Enjoy a hot bath, a trip to the spa, or embrace cold plunges to gain perspective and leave the self-judgments out of it.

The Sun is conjunct with Mercury as it’s doing its retrograde until January 18th in Capricorn. While making sure we are covering all of our bases in matters of finances, taxes, contracts, and all things boss lady Capricorn is holding us accountable for, our emotions stir with the Full Moon.

Illuminating how far we have come and maybe how far we still need to go. One thing is for sure after all planets go direct beginning January 22nd we will have a 3 month period where all planets are marching forward to make some serious ground.

This is a beautiful time to release all of those emotions still playing out. Have some deep reflection on what we what to give our energy in creating with this massive amount of forward progress that’s about to come. Set some goals and spend time in reflection to hear what it is from your inner being on what you want to achieve and do differently this new year.

In the meantime allow yourself to be nurtured and kind to not only yourself but others.

What are your upcoming goals for this new year of 2023?

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