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Spring is here and what served your skin in our cold wet winter months may not be as effective as the weather warms up.


Here are 3 changes to consider now that the weather is warming up!


1. Your Cleanser. If you are using a creamy or oil-based cleanser, you may consider a gel or lighter way to cleanse the skin. Cleansing your skin like, sunscreen is one of those non-negotiables when it comes to good skin health. Removing make-up and the environment at the end of the day before bedtime is crucial. Solution? Aveda Gel Cleanser, and All Sensitive Cleanser. PCA bar “soaps” daily cleanser, pigment cleanser and blemish bar.


2. Your Moisturizer. Generally speaking, we need more and or; different types of moisture when it’s cold outside. When our skin is improperly moisturized we risk having an impaired barrier function. When this happens, the skin is unable to trap and retain moisture leading to further dryness. Consider trying Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion, All Sensitive Lotion or All Sensitive Soft Creme. Other options are PCA Rebalance or Collagen Hydrator.


3. SPF. Most estheticians sound like broken records but SPF is another must when it comes to skin and body care. Clients get SPF after every facial. And we have so MANY options here at Lemongrass that block both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. The brands we carry are Aveda, PCA, and Coola which is organic. Some leave you with a bit of a glow like Aveda’s Daily Light Guard, while others mattify like PCA’s Weightless Protection or their sheer tint broad spectrum 45 which like the name says, is lightly tinted and works well as a primer for makeup.


Choose wisely, choose well and get out there and love your skin!!