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Ask Your Esthi: A new monthly blog series with esthetician extraordinaire Stacey Westbrook. Join us every month for new tips on skincare, how to amp up your skin routine and some of the great tools and services that we have here at Lemongrass to get you on the road to your best skin yet!




Here at Lemongrass, your skin care options don’t end at facials. We have a whole host of peel and peel alternatives available to those who are interested. Sort of like the secret menu at “In ‘N’ Out,” you need only call and ask. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation anytime. Interested? Here are some peel and skincare basics to get the conversation started.

      First, a peel is a really about exceptional exfoliation. Their main function is to promote cell turnover while removing dirt and debris revealing fresh skin cells beneath. Resulting in glowing skin.
        Secondly. a peel is easy to fit into your lifestyle. The peels we provide here at “The Grass”, don’t require any downtime. Your face will not look like beef carpaccio!! It will look dewy, fresh and radiant. You will be required to stay out of direct sun or intense heat two days after your treatment. Light peeling may occur around days 3-7 and is generally quite mild.
      And finally, the products you use at home is just as important as the peel itself. While peels can make a tremendous difference in how your skin looks and feels the number one thing you can do right now is to take a product inventory. At the very least you should have the following:
  • A cleanser for your facial type.
  • A moisturizer and an SPF.
     These are the non-negotiables for skin care. If you are wanting to receive a peel and your main concern is anti-aging then consider adding the following products to your skincare regime.
  • 1. Vitamin C and Vitamin E, found in C&E Strength Serum. Strengthen smooth and brighten your skin.
  • 2. Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Serum. Dramatically reduce crows feet, laugh lines, forehead 11’s from repeated muscle movements with this neuropeptide spot treatment.
  • 3. Vitamin A – Intensive age refining treatment. An essential as we age. Vitamin A helps tighten, brighten and repair the skin while we sleep. It corrects texture and plumps up our skin by increasing our collagen production.
If you have a question for me about peels or peel alternatives, or skincare, in general, please feel free to email me, Stacey at staceylemongrass@gmail.com.