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“Peace is an attribute in you. You cannot find it outside. Illness is some form of external searching,” – A Course In Miracles


Inside each of us are all the answers to the questions that we are asking, but we must listen to hear them. This is where my work begins; helping you listen through light contact. More often than not our nervous systems are overloaded with all the input we are receiving and attempting to process. We may often hear ourselves say, “I just need to relax.” This is a message from our higher self, or our inner physician if you will; an extremely complex field of intelligence. This field of intelligence consists of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. When these messages are not “received” there is a dis-connect that happens between the components of you. This can show up in many ways and an overall feeling of unrest in the Mind, Body and Spirit. Our field of intelligence requires our awareness and attention in order to work cohesively.


I was privileged to encounter Cranio-Sacral Therapy in 2005 and it changed my life.  I had lived with chronic pain for 12 years after a severe jaw injury. CST finally brought me back to health. In my office and in my work as a teacher assistant, I have seen miraculous things happen. With the anatomical accuracy of this work, shamanic reverence of the practitioner and the energetic direction offered by the client this work can be life changing for people on many levels. When we listen, the body can tell its story and doors can be unlocked to just about anything.


Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) is an approach to holistic health and integrative healing. It employs mechanical anatomy as well as the work of the shaman. When I support someone with a CranioSacral session I am offering the “field” the chance to be heard through the use of five channels: inner ear, inner eye, vagus nerve, air, and the heart (the embodiment of spirit and often the unheard voice inside us). When we interface in this way, the possibilities are endless because the questions and answers are endless.


“CST is a timeless gift, a channeling of energy guided by the inner eye and delivered through sensitive hands that are energetically directed by a person’s field of intelligence” – Hugh Milne


Our healing is personal and it is not the same for any two people. The lives we have been living for as long as we have been here have created a map within our bodies and that map holds the key to each individuals personal health.  Only your field of intelligence knows how you have gotten to where you are now. You may think, I remember my life, but the way in which your mind, body, spirit, and emotions have orchestrated throughout your life experiences is information held deep within this field of intelligence. This idea is supported by the simple example of shoulder surgery- two individuals have the same injury and the same surgery but their recoveries are different. The body maps of these two people are not the same nor could they be because they do not live in the exact same way or have the same life experience. What one person will need for full recovery will not be the same as the as another. The intuitive practice of CST allows us to deliver more accurately what is right for each person.


Through CST, we feel healthier, happier, and more supported. There is deep intelligence here that spans our ancestral lineage and the effects of this work are cumulative. CST is used for a myriad of “dis” eases or unrest within us. I have seen people for TMD ( jaw dysfunction), back pain, neck pain, migraines, MS, muscle spasms, auto-immune disorders, nerve impingement, post-surgical treatments, chronic pain, emotional duress, tinnitus, vision issues, TBI (traumatic brain injury), cerebral palsy, scoliosis, sleep disorders, scar tissue release, birth trauma, previous life regressions, to relax, dental trauma, fibromyalgia, sexual trauma, hormone imbalance and more. The implications for this work are vast and without boundaries.


So, how often do you hear yourself say, “I need to relax”?  How often do you listen?  I encourage you to set aside some time so that you may experience a session for yourself.  I have been actively helping people through body and energy work for 17 yrs and I am dedicated to helping you achieve your highest potentials of health and happiness


1.5 hr session $180

  2 hr session  $215

– Tammy