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Lemongrass Massage

We offer a sacred environment where gratuity is appreciated and use a holistic approach to hair, skin, and body care to provide a high quality multi-sensory experience that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit.  When leaving a gratuity, we are only able to accept cash or Venmo at this time.



Experience the benefits of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


$150 – 1.5 HOURS Initial  |  $110 – 1 HOUR

Acupuncture is an ancient healing practice in which very thin needles are placed at strategic points to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.  By activating the nerve pathways, circulation of blood, lymph and immune cells, treatment results in elevated life performance and accelerated healing and recovery.  Celeste’s treatment includes various healing modalities within (aromatherapy, ear seed auriculotherapy, infrared heat therapy, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, acupressure and/or tui na massage). Treatment plans may include herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle modification and/or physical at-home exercises. Deep relaxation is very important for healing so extra care is taken to ensure a comfortable treatment process.


Acupuncture FAcial

 $196 – 1.5 HOURs Initial  |  $150 – 1 HOUR

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a facial focused treatment to stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory system, which work together to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells, nourishing skin from the inside out. This helps even out complexion and promote the skin’s glow. The positive microtraumas also stimulate the production of collagen. This helps improve elasticity, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and unlike injection procedures, facial acupuncture addresses not only signs of aging, but also the skin’s overall health. Celeste’s cosmetic acupuncture treatment includes facial needling, collagen peptide mask, snow lotus essential oil massage with facial cupping and/or healing gemstone tools.

Acupuncture + Massage

  $175 – 1.5 HOURS

 The Pure Focus Massage is perfect when you are short on time, but need some real relief in areas where your body holds the most stress and tension.

Cupping Therapy with Tiu Na

 $60 – 30 minutes

Cupping is a method in which suction cups, placed on the skin, create a vacuum that moves circulation and toxins.  This encourages the flow of blood and lymph in the area beneath the cup.  By moving the circulation, local stagnation can be cleared.  This, in effect, stimulates the immune response, and promotes normal circulation in congested muscles, tissues and organs.  Cupping naturally draws blood to the external capillaries of the body and as a result a discoloration of the skin may appear.  The red coloration will go away in about 24 hours. Some of the darker areas take about 3 days to 1 week to disappear.  The original muscle pain, restricted range of motion should diminish immediately and will get even better as time goes on.  Therapy session is finished with hot towels, essential oils and tui na massage, rolling, pressure and traction techniques to release tension.


Chakra Crystal Ear Seeds

 $20 – 15 Minutes

Using a technique known as auricular therapy, 24K gold ear seeds embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals are placed upon acupressure points on the ear to ease different symptoms of the physical, mental, and emotional body. This technique is a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the ear is a microsystem, which reflects the entire body, represented on the auricle, the outer portion of the ear.